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  • Do I need to have prior investment experience to be part of the Nusaned program?

    No, but applicants with prior investment experience will have a distinct advantage over others. When registering on the Entema portal, please mention your prior investment experience.

  • Does the business need to be in Saudi Arabia to be part of the Nusaned program?

    No, Nusaned program is open to both local and international investors, as long as the investment opportunity has long-term competitiveness and significant socio-economic impact on KSA

  • How can I enroll into Da’aem?

    You cannot enroll into Da’aem directly. Only those investors who are qualified through the Entema process are eligible for Da’aem support packages.

  • How can I learn more about the Nusaned program?

    If you still have any questions unanswered, reach out to us through Contact us

  • Is there a deadline to apply to and benefit from the Nusaned program?

    No, there is no fixed deadline. SABIC will receive and review applications from investors on a continued basis. However, support will be provided depending on the application load.

  • On what basis will my registration be accepted into the program?

    A pre-screening will be conducted once you register on the Entema portal. This will include verification through other governmental agencies and an investment competency check.

  • What do I do to receive the support packages from SABIC?

    In order to receive SABIC support, you need to first register on Entema portal with either a pre-defined opportunity or an opportunity from other sources. Each opportunity will be subject to a structured process to assess its investment attractiveness. The process includes a Pre-screening phase, a Pre-feasibility phase and a detailed Business case evaluation (due-diligence) phase. If your opportunity qualifies, you will receive a support package

  • What is Entema? How is it different from Nusaned?

    Entema is the opportunity gate portal, part of the Nusaned program. Through Entema, SABIC aims to provide investors a platform to explore investment opportunities and test their viability and attractiveness to receive SABIC support

  • What is Nusaned?

    Nusaned is SABIC’s first integrated localization program. Nusaned is aimed at addressing some of the issues investors face from idea generation to execution of the idea. It has four key pillars:

    • Entema – an opportunity gate to receive and qualify opportunities
    • Da’aem – provide support packages to enable qualified opportunities
    • Investment Fund – provide financing to qualified opportunities
    • Muahal – workforce development program for qualified opportunities

  • What type of opportunities / areas are supported in the Nusaned program?

    On the Entema portal, investors can find a list of potential opportunities that can be explored and evaluated further. These opportunities are typically linked to:

    • Materials and services SABIC procures
    • Downstream industries which can use SABIC products as raw materials, or 
    • SABIC patents/technologies/applications which can be commercialized

    Additionally, investors can also submit opportunities identified through other sources.

    For a complete list of opportunities / areas that investors can invest in, go to Opportunities.

  • What type of support will be provided by SABIC if I invest in Saudi Arabia?

    SABIC will support qualified investor opportunities by designing a customized package including support such as providing competitive pricing and product offtake, offering shared services and supply chain, workforce capability development, and sharing technical know-how and global practices.

    For some examples of support provided by SABIC, go to Da’aem

  • Who are the partners? What is their role in my investments?

    SABIC has partnered with other Government stakeholders and private companies in order to make the localization program a reality. Partners perform several functions, including but not limited to regulatory support, access to financing and business advisory support.
    For a complete list of partners and the support provided in the Nusaned program, go to Partners

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    Nusaned is open to SMEs/Entrepreneurs, local firms looking to expand and foreign firms looking to set up in Saudi Arabia